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Godolphin Studios is located in a quiet suburb of Nottingham in the heart of the Midlands. Being surrounded by the beautiful wooded parkland of Wollaton Hall guarantees an inspirational atmosphere in which to work.

The one to one service ensures that you have all the personal attention necessary to achieve the best possible end product for your project.

Michael Parker

My career began in 1961 as an apprentice electronics engineer with a company specialising in work for the aviation industry and GPO. Experiencing the high standard of workmanship required provided me with a good grounding for my future work.

I became self-employed in 1981 and since then have enjoyed the opportunity to listen to Radio 3 and 4 during my working day. I found the superior quality of BBC recording production to be an inspiration, and it remains a personal target standard when recording.

With the help and advice of Rob Bennett, a brilliant classical guitarist and recording engineer, I began to study the process of recording classical guitar, continually striving for clarity and perfection of sound from the full spectrum of the instrument. An injury stopped me playing seriously in 1998, but a chance meeting with Dr Michael Grant early in 1999 led me into recording the spoken word, using the previously acquired skills. His command of the English language and the texture and rhythm of his voice made it a joy to work with him, but I now wish to broaden my experience and offer my services to other people requiring a professional recording of the spoken word.

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